Vin Diesel campaigns for a role in Avengers 2 (but as which hero?)

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Dec 17, 2012

Vin Diesel is on the campaign trail—and it has nothing to do with politics. The actor's using social media to get a gig in Marvel's Avengers sequel, and the Riddick star has his sights set on playing a certain android.

Using his Facebook page, Diesel dropped some anvil-sized hints that he wants to play The Vision. Several photos of the character appeared on his profile, as well as one of himself captioned, "True Vision." The images have since been removed, but they were up long enough to get the word out.

Perhaps this is all part of his plan? Shortly after the release of The Avengers, some fans suggested that Agent Coulson re-emerge as the hero. This might be Diesel's way of giving Joss Whedon and Marvel another option. Well played, Mr. Diesel. Well played.

Whedon will return to write and direct the Avengers sequel, which is scheduled for a summer 2015 release.

Think Diesel has a shot at Vision?

(via comicbooktherapy)