Vincent D'Onofrio wants his Kingpin to fight MCU's Spider-Man, but don't hold your breath

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Oct 15, 2018, 10:35 PM EDT

Show of hands, please: Who would love to see Vincent D'Onofrio's wonderful take on Wilson Fisk (Daredevil) battle his perpetual comic book nemesis, Spider-Man? Not just any Spider-Man, mind you, but who wants to see him take on the MCU Spider-Man, as played by Tom "I don't feel so good" Holland? We can't see your hands, but we imagine a lot of them are in the air.

Assuming your hand is indeed raised, know that you're not alone. Vincent D'Onofrio himself recently wrote on his Twitter that he'd definitely be up to brawl with Holland's webslinger. When asked by a fan if he "would be interested in fighting the MCU Spider-Man on screen," D'Onofrio tweeted a simple answer: "Yes."

When a fan thanked him for "vocalizing the potential" of his Fisk taking on Holland's Spidey, D'Onofrio tweeted in response: "It is greatly appreciated. All of us who do Daredevil want it to be the best we can do. Truly."

Well, that should be it, right? If the Kingpin himself is down for it, then it's bound to happen! Can you imagine what it would be like to see D'Onofrio's enthralling character go up against the MCU Spidey on the big screen? The mere thought of it has our spider-senses tingling.

Unfortunately, Thanos and Tony Stark will have a furious makeout session before this ever happens.

For all the talk of "it's all connected" in the MCU, it's not... not really. Though the films are definitely connected (very strongly, and that's not an easy accomplishment), the television side of the MCU is less connected with every show that comes out. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. valiantly carried the connection torch for a while, and still does. The too-good-for-this-world Agent Carter did the same, but that left us too soon. In terms of the Netflix shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, etc.), you may get a passing reference to Captain America or a box of Hammer-tech every now and then, as well as some passing references to "the event," which is how they describe the Battle of New York from the first Avengers film. We'll put it this way, though: Nobody suddenly blew away in the second season of Iron Fist. In case you were hoping for some connections over on Hulu in Marvel's Runawayswell, that hammer ain't lifting off the table either.

Why is this the case? For one, there's Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel Television (who still maintains the "it's all connected" mantra, for the record), repeatedly saying that logistically the task of truly connecting the films and television shows is almost impossible. The idea of the shows connecting with the films died a little further during the Runaways panel at New York Comic Con 2018, where Loeb was asked by a fan if the show would be affected in any way by the (huge) events of Avengers: Infinity War. Loeb's smiling, almost gleeful response? "Nope!"

So in reality, there's little connection between the TV shows themselves — you don't hear about Inhumans and tainted fish oil on Luke Cage, for example. The ABC shows intermix, the Netflix shows mix, and Runaways connects to itself. The only thing that holds them all together is a random Roxxon Oil reference every now and then.

None of this is exactly a surprise, but it would be nice for someone to change the bottom line to "You know, not all of this is connected after all" at some point. The DC shows are fairly open that almost nothing is connected to anything else (aside from the Arrowverse being one with itself) and they're all doing just fine.

Why does this matter? Because D'Onofrio is great as Wilson Fisk, and we want to see him in a Spider-Man movie (the character has never appeared in any of the webslinger's films). And who knows, maybe THAT could happen, even if Spidey showing up on the small screen likely won't...

Maybe we've just been playing too much of the recently released Spider-Man game for the PS4, but we are primed for a Kingpin/Spidey throwdown... after they deal with Thanos, of course. Give the people (and Vincent D'Onofrio) what they want, MCU... let Fisk and Parker at each other. If it really is "all connected," then let these foes connect. We promise, we'll be there.