Vintage Empire Strikes Back featurette focuses on John Williams' iconic Star Wars score

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Dec 18, 2018, 8:00 PM EST (Updated)

John Williams' monumental music for the Star Wars saga cannot be overemphasized as the essential tonal connective tissue for the entire sci-fi series, and a key character in the films that elevates the role of a cinematic score into the realm of fine art.  Foremost in his impressive resume of Hollywood music is the epic symphonic achievements for The Empire Strikes Back, with its thunderous Imperial March becoming Darth Vader's immortal Rebel-stomping anthem and Yoda's Theme introducing us to the gentle Jedi master's home on Dagobah. 

Take a look at the BBC's retro featurette showing the Academy Award-winning John Williams' behind-the-scenes process of discovering the emotional beats in the 1980 Star Wars sequel.   It's an illuminating examination of how the memorable melodies were manifested, with inspirational urgings from producers George Lucas, Gary Kurtz and director Irvin Kershner, all sitting down with the movie-music master to watch a completed cut of The Empire Strikes Back, stripped bare of its sound FX, music and post-production dialogue. 

Hum your way into this toe-tapping treatise and tell us if it's your favorite score from all the Star Wars films.


(Via Slashfilm)

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