Vintage SEGA Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast controllers getting modern-day upgrades

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Jan 15, 2018, 12:19 PM EST (Updated)

SEGA might not be making video game hardware anymore, but the company’s most iconic controllers are finally getting a new lease on life from the modern era. Been jonesing to rock a Dreamcast, or Genesis, controller with your fave 2018 games? The time is now.

Peripheral manufacturer Retro-bit recently cut a licensing deal with SEGA to release new accessories and hardware, and the company was at the recent Consumer Electronics Show to showcase the fruits of that deal. One of the most intriguing products? Officially licensed, upgraded controllers from SEGA’s most iconic consoles over the years. Gamespot reports the line will include Bluetooth wireless controllers from the Genesis, Dreamcast, and Saturn. No price or release details have been announced as of yet.

The Genesis controller is a staple of video game culture, while the less successful Saturn and Dreamcast still featured some pretty great hardware (don’t let the Dreamcast controller's odd look fool you, it's pretty great) with devoted fans.

Retro gaming has become an absolutely huge market the past few years, with third-party consoles and Nintendo’s NES and SNES classic editions selling like gangbusters. It stands to reason there’d be a good niche for this official, throwback gear. Retro-bit is also prepping some refreshed consoles to play vintage Genesis and SNES games as part of its 2018 release schedule.

(Via Gamespot)