Virgin Galactic has created a commercial to promo its human flight, satellite launch programs

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May 10, 2016, 1:46 PM EDT

Not content to let SpaceX steal the spotlight with all those extremely cool rocket landings, Virgin Galactic has put together a spaceflight commercial that could be running in prime time … in a few years, anyway.

The 2-minute promo serves as a brief introduction to the company’s human spaceflight program and the small satellite launch program, as well as the different vehicles Virgin Galactic flies, and the teams that design, build and operate all the cool space stuff. It’s a great piece of optimistic fluff, and Virgin Galactic makes a point to focus on its plans for average Joe spaceflight to help make the stars available to the masses.

Again, we probably still have a decade or so to go until these programs reach any level of mass appeal, but it’s exciting to be reminded we’re still on the path. It might be companies like Virgin Galactic and SpaceX getting us to the stars instead of NASA, but the future has rarely looked brighter.

Check out the commercial below and let us know what you think:

(Via Popular Science)