#VisibleWomen returns to spotlight women and non-binary comic creators

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Feb 12, 2018, 4:41 PM EST

Last year, production company Milkfed Criminal Masterminds (made up of the excellent brains that are Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction) launched another installment of their bi-annual #VisibleWomen event. The hashtag was initially kickstarted as a response to the 2016 Angoulême International Comics Festival, which nominated 30 men and zero women for their awards that year.

Since then, #VisibleWomen has only grown in importance, and now occurs twice yearly for the sheer purpose of spotlighting talented women and non-binary comic creators in all fields, from writers to artists to colorists and more.

In the words of Milkfed via their events page, "#VisibleWomen is intended to raise the profiles of women** comic creators, but we also welcome (and have always welcomed) non-binary creators too.  If you identify as “not male” and would like to participate, please do!"

This month's participants are encouraged to follow an easy template to self-nominate using the #VisibleWomen hashtag today, along with examples of their work and links to their individual portfolios. The tweets are in turn signal-boosted (usually via DeConnick's Twitter account, as well as any others who wish to highlight talent) and the creator info is added to a spreadsheet that will be sent out to hiring professionals in the publishing industry free of charge.

Two ways you can help: 1) make sure to support diverse creators by picking up their work yourself, and 2) signal-boost tweets from #VisibleWomen via the hashtag! Check out some of the amazing talent below, and don't miss the next #VisibleWomen event in August this year.

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