Volstagg would be be right at home in the Hobbit in this Thor 2 extended scene

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Jan 31, 2014, 3:13 PM EST (Updated)

If there's one thing Thor: The Dark World could have benefited from, it's more of the Warriors Three.

Unabashedly, I am a continued lover of the Thor sequel. And when you love something, there's a temptation to want more. That's why we have DVD extras. So, while I'm grateful that Thor 2, Mjolnir Boogaloo was kept on the shorter side, it's nice to see some of the earlier intentions for certain scenes.

For example, when the Asgardians are all gathered together celebrating early in the film, there's a scene we cut away from very quickly where Volstagg is regaling everyone with a tale of triumph. Is it necessary to the plot? Nah! But is it like a big warm hug that makes you love Volstagg, and everyone else? Absolutely.

It also gives Thor a bit more of a hobbity feel. Or, maybe more truthfully, it makes me think the hobbit movies might be better if they were more like Thor.

(via Comic Book Movie)

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