Voltron: Legendary Defender
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Voltron is a galactic symbol of hope in trailer for the final season on Netflix

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Dec 2, 2018, 1:34 PM EST (Updated)

The 13 episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defender's eighth and final season are just two weeks away from dropping on Netflix. To pump you up full of excitement, Netflix and DreamWorks Animation have dropped a new trailer for the upcoming season. 

We learn that "alien radio chatter" continues to repeat the word "Voltron" over and over again, meaning that the giant robot has become a symbol of freedom and hope throughout the universe. Even so, Emperor Zarkon and the Galra Empire still pose a threat to peoples across the galaxy, and it's up to the Paladins of Voltron to stop them once and for all. 

Allura (Kimberly Brooks) sums up the final season's very high stakes by the end of the trailer in just 10 words, “This is our only chance to save all of existence." 

Check out the trailer now:

"We are incredibly proud to bring the story of Voltron: Legendary Defender to a close with the 8th and final season. It has been an absolute honor to work alongside such a talented and dedicated crew these past 4 years over 78 episodes," said executive producers and showrunners, Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery, in an official release.

They continued with:

"Witnessing the fandom grow and evolve alongside the show has been nothing short of amazing and saying goodbye to these characters, the amazing worlds they inhabit and the crazy vehicles they pilot will be truly bittersweet. We can only hope that this series will be looked back on fondly in the years to come and stoke the creative flame inside all of us, the same way the original did when we first watched it."

Season 8 of Voltron: Legendary Defender arrives on Netflix Friday, Dec. 14.