Voltron Legendary Defender clips tease nannies and Galran team-ups in Season 6

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Jun 15, 2018, 4:02 PM EDT

The seven-episode new season of Voltron Legendary Defender is now available on Netflix, and that means we have some new and weird clips from the wartime show — one that is much different from the cartoon you may remember — to share.

The first is one about childhood and how everyone was there once. Even if Lance will mock them viciously for it. It’s about Lotor’s governess, who doesn’t hesitate to hand out some beatings with her swishing and flicking swagger stick.

Take a look:

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough for the Galra Empire (or at least its leader/Blood Emperor Lotor), the second clip from Season 6 is a team of Galra working with their former archenemies, the paladins — yuck!

Just watch this weird team-up unfold:

Yeah, Hunk has to give these goofy aliens a pep talk... based on beliefs he’s been fighting for seasons and seasons. That is, before some serious space construction/welding takes place to save the day and repair the Omega Shield.

You can watch the rest of the season now, as Voltron Legendary Defender hit Netflix earlier today.