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Voltron Legendary Defender debuts full premiere of seventh and penultimate season at SDCC 2018

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Apr 12, 2021, 5:50 PM EDT (Updated)

If it seems like Netflix’s animated wunderkind Voltron Legendary Defender has been putting out insane amounts of throwback space-set goodness, it’s because it has. Their team has put out six seasons of consistently solid programming in a genre where it’s tough finding crossover appeal between kids and nostalgic adults. And now, we've learned, it's coming to an end.

So when their panel at San Diego Comic-Con kicked off by premiering the ENTIRE first episode of Season 7, well, you have to admire the work ethic behind it all, though we did learn that it was the beginning of the end.

Executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos announced after the episode that there are 26 episodes left of Voltron — that means 13 episodes of Season 7 and 13 of Season 8 before the show is finished. Sad news for fans, but a solid amount of time for the characters to continue to develop as some of the best animated offerings out there.

After featuring a season of mixed loyalties, uneasy team-ups, and tragedy (Lotor!!) Season 7 kicks off with Shiro's recovery (and coming out, thanks to a flashback showing him and a significant other named Adam) and some fun shrinking adventures — hence the title "A Little Adventure".

The panel afterward featured executive producers Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery, alongside story editor Josh Hamilton and voice actors Rhys Darby, Jeremy Shada, and Bex Taylor-Klaus.

Season 7 debuts on Netflix on Aug. 10.

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