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Nov 7, 2007

Did the pillars of heaven just shake? Did the devil shiver?

PZ Myers just endorsed me for Best Science Blog 2007. So did Deltoid.

Of course, the reason they are doing so is that I am the front runner, with Climate Audit close behind. It looks like the opposing forces in the epic battle for the reality of science are consolidating. Steve Milloy of Junk Science just endorsed CA: has been nominated in the category of Best Science Blog although we'd like to suggest you consider a vote for ClimateAudit, largely because various ideologues are apparently trying to suppress their vote.

If you have ever wondered about the unreality of Milloy and his site, there you go. Who has tried to suppress anyone's vote? What a silly claim. PZ and I haven't said flattering things about CA and JS, but that's hardly suppression.

Where do you stand? Apparently the Weblog Award site is very slow. But keep trying; I am marginally ahead of the others right now! If I win, I will use this award to relentlessly hype my book (which I am almost done with, just days away!). "You know, Keith, as winner of the Best Science Blog Award for 2007, I am probably best able to write about asteroid impacts and gamma-ray bursts..." It adds a certain zest to interviews, don't you think?

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