Vote for me! More than once!

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Dec 7, 2006

Note added at 18:38 Pacific: The Shuttle launch was scrubbed tonight due to weather. They will try again tomorrow (though the weather doesn't look any better for then). Also, to the subject of the post below, I'm currently slightly ahead of PZ in the voting, but he has decided to go negative. I would never stoop to such things, obviously. I may have more on this development on Friday.

I'm so shameless.

Vote for me!

Or vote for one of the other extremely good science blogs. Or better yet, just vote for me. PZ already has three times my readership, and he gets angrier at creationists than I do, so he's got a huge advantage. However -- and really, I just hate to bring this up -- he also has a rather unhealthy fascination with invertebrates (one which I have carefully helped cultivate in order to crush him in just such a situation as this). Really, what would Rick Santorum say?

From what I understand, you can vote once per day. Voting ends December 15, so get in there and vote for someone!

Just make sure it's me.

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