A voyage through space and the cuisine of Star Trek

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Oct 4, 2016, 1:50 PM EDT (Updated)

For the past 50 years, Star Trek has boldly taken us where no man (or snack!) has gone before.  As we’ve explored the far reaches of space with the Federation, we’ve been exposed to new and amazing species, cultures, and of course … foods.

We’ve gone through and pulled out the five top foods that have, over the years, become the most popular to replicate … and sound interesting enough that we’d be tempted to try them – well, almost all of them!


Romulan Ale


It’s hard to throw an authentic Star Trek party without at least one version of this famous drink on your menu.  Reportedly potent enough to cause instant drunkenness, it’s famous for both its high alcohol content as well as its vivid blue color. Even Captain Kirk enjoyed a glass (or two) of Romulan Ale.

While you might not be able to get authentic Romulan Ale without personally venturing deep into the uncharted universe, there are several seriously boozy recipes floating around the interwebs a little closer to home.

One calls for equal amounts of Everclear, rum and blue curaçao.  Click here for that recipe.  Another, slightly lighter version calls for equal parts vodka, triple sec, blue curacao and lemonade.

Of course, if you're serving this up at an under-21 Star Trek bash, non-alcoholic is the only way to go.  Click here for a booze-free version.


Klingon Bloodwine


Mmm, nothing like a glass of warm Bloodwine on a cold Federation night! Another well-known Star Trek treat, this Klingon favorite is rumored to be made from fermented blood and sugar and is traditionally served warm.

While a true blood-based recipe might win you points for authenticity (but possibly lose you some friends in the process), there are plenty of non-hemoglobin based recipes online, including one which uses 10 to 15 packages of unsweetened cherry Kool-Aid. 

If you're looking for more of an alcoholic buzz than a sugar buzz, try this very boozy version by clicking here.

Speaking of Klingons and blood, feel like trying a slice of Klingon Rokeg Blood Pie?  

Cultures across our very own globe have spent millennia relating the powers of blood with stamina and warrior readiness for battle, and the Klingons are no different.  Made using real blood, it was one of Worf’s favorite foods and one that is traditionally eaten during the Klingon Day of Honor.  Even Neelix whipped one up in his kitchen!

Thinking of making your own version?  Black pudding/boudin is a blood-based food which can easily be adapted from its more traditional sausage form into a pie filling.  Although blood might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you say the word "pie," the taste is said to be rich, filling and delicious.


Nothing says yummy in your tummy quite like Klingon Rokeg Blood Pie!​

If you feel brave and decide you want to make your own version, there are several recipes online for authentic, real blood pie.  Please, if you do make it, let us know below in the comments how it is.  We’re curious…just not that curious.

Click here for the absolutely most authentic blood pie recipe we found anywhere!

Feeling a little less than enthusiastic about the idea of using real blood or have plans to share this with your vegetarian/vegan friends?  You can always substitute raspberry puree and just pretend it's blood.  Shh...we won't tell.  


Fancy a slug of "Slug-O-Cola?"​


The Ferengi are truly and the foods they enjoy are no exception.  Feel like dining on some gourmet Ferengi dishes?  There’s no need to go to another planet…just reach for some of our very own Earth-bound shell-less terrestrial gastropods…otherwise known as the slug.

That’s right.


Considered a delicacy by Ferengi, these slimy insects are enjoyed a number of ways.  From juicy slug steaks, raw slug livers (for breakfast no less!) and even snail juice, there are any number of ways one can whip up a gooey treat (And what hard-core Trekkie fan can ever forget the minty-green hue of that Ferengi favorite beverage, “Slug-O-Cola” (made with 43% live algae!) first mentioned in Legends of the Ferengi by Quark.)           

If you are interested in preparing your own gastropod based feast, there are any number of incredibly delicious and fairly easy escargot recipes online including this fancy looking and delicious sounding Escargot in the Shell with herb butter.




No mention of Star Trek would be complete without an entry based on the Vulcans and this food primer is no exception.

Plomeek soup is a Vulcan dish which has been mentioned on numerous occasions in the Star Trek universe.  First appearing in the original series when Spock threw a bowl of it at Nurse Chapel in a rare display of Vulcan emotion, Plomeek soup is described as a bland breakfast soup made from the equally bland Plomeek plant (although rumor has it there is a rare, spicy version).

If you search “Plomeek Soup” online, there are several recipes that you can follow to make your own version of Plomeek soup including one made with leeks and other veggies, but if Dr. McCoy’s face is any indicator, it doesn’t look like it sparks much culinary enthusiasm in non-Vulcans.

So there you have it, five traditional dishes from four exotic species from deep in the Star Trek universe.  The next time you decide to throw a Star Trek themed party, we hope you make it as authentic as possible and give one (or more) of these dishes a try!

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