Waffle Iron Day: 12 waffle irons for enjoying the ultimate geeky breakfast

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Jun 29, 2017, 4:03 PM EDT (Updated)

Did you know June 29 is Waffle Iron Day?

If you didn't, you can be forgiven. It's probably one of the more obscure national days among those on our calendars. For those who love enjoying waffles, though, it’s worth taking advantage of the holiday. Whether you strictly stick to waffles for breakfast or love eating them at any meal, Thursday is the perfect time to see how you can express your love for the food in a way that lets your inner geek loose too!

Let me explain. When you look at the range of waffle irons available, you might be surprised to find that there are an impressive number of geeky waffle makers on the market. Many more than you might think! That's why Waffle Iron Day presents a unique opportunity for geeks. Whether it's Star Wars or Disney, there's a waffle iron out there for you!

Here are 12 geeky waffle irons you should check out.



I've discussed my experience with this waffle maker before and I just had to highlight it here. This product just might make the cutest, geekiest Star Wars waffles in the galaxy! The waffle maker features BB-8's familiar shape from The Force Awakens on its cast aluminum plates and is extremely easy to use. Whether or not you like crispy waffles will impact the time it takes to make each one, but overall this is a great way for any fan to make their meal feel like it's part of a galaxy far, far away!


Captain America

If you're a fan of the First Avenger, show it on your plate with this Captain America-inspired waffle iron. The colorful appliance is in the shape of the hero's shield, which matches the non-stick plates inside. It creates a shield waffle seven inches in diameter that looks exactly like Captain America's own! Luckily this one won’t be as indestructible as the Vibranium original, so you should have no problem enjoying your creation.



Star Wars really seems to be dominating the market for waffle irons, especially when it comes to the Dark Side! You can create a legion of the Empire's finest Stormtroopers for breakfast with this device. It includes a regulating thermostat, dual indicator lights and five different temperature settings so you can make your waffle just the way you like it. The description even states that it can be used for other foods like cakes and eggs. It's the perfect way to conquer your hunger and, unlike the Stormtroopers themselves, is much more likely to hit that mark!



Many people start their day with a keyboard in front of them, but why not make it the edible kind? This iron creates a 104-unmarked key waffle with its die-cast non-stick aluminum plates. It also has an impressive set of heat-resistant Bakelite handles. It'll be perhaps the most enjoyable, edible tech-inspired breakfast you’ll ever have!


The Avengers

Assemble a breakfast worthy of an Avenger with this appliance! The outside features art of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk, while inside the base plate features icons representing each of the heroes: "Hulk's fist, Iron Man's helmet, Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer." You can share a square with three others or enjoy the whole team yourself! According to the description, it also includes adjustable browning controls so the power to make the waffles just right is in your hands.


Death Star

That's no moon ... it's a waffle! Yes, I went there. Don't deny that you will too if you ever get this waffle iron! With five temperature settings, you can build as many Death Stars exactly as you want them and at a speed that'll be a lot faster than the Empire built their less edible versions in Star Wars. You might not be able to rule the galaxy with these waffles, but you'll surely win over the hearts and stomachs of those you're eating with.


Mickey Mouse

Disney's official mascot Mickey Mouse even has his own waffle maker. You can create a six-inch smiling Mickey with this iron's non-stick plates. Described on the website as a way to "have a tasty 'character breakfast' at home," it's certainly one way to bring the Disney spirit to your kitchen.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Fill up on turtle power with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles waffle iron! With this you can create a two-slice waffle where one side will feature a turtle shell pattern with the word "Turtles" and the other feature the friendly face of one of the four ninjas. If that doesn't have you saying "Cowabunga," though, there's also a round TMNT waffle maker you can try that also features one of the turtles. Add a little fruit to the masks and you can make all four of the green machine!


Darth Vader

Invite the Sith Lord himself to your plate with the help of this waffle iron. It’s a similar style to a few of the other Star Wars waffle makers on this list. Complete with regulating thermostat, dual indicator lights and five temperature settings, it's a great option for any Star Wars fan!


Minnie Mouse

It's only fitting for Minnie to have a waffle maker if Mickey does! This iron creates a seven-inch waffle of this famous cartoon character and is another great option for the Disney fan who wants to have some fun with their food.



Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has also inspired a waffle iron. This appliance makes a two-slice waffle. It features character art on the outside and on the inside the bottom plate features the recognizable Spider symbol of the Marvel hero. It'll be the perfect way to start your day whether you have to go to work, school or fight crime!



Good grief! The fun of waffle irons doesn't stop with superheroes and Disney cartoons -- you can also enjoy Charles Schulz's classic Peanuts in food form with this waffle maker. It creates three waffles in the shapes of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Snoopy's doghouse, offering a brand-new way to enjoy the cartoon every morning!