Wait—there are TWO Beauty and the Beast TV shows on the way?

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May 21, 2015

A few months ago, we told you that The CW—in what some (OK, most) considered an act of unforgiveable sacrilege—had ordered a script for a remake of the '80s fantasy TV series Beauty and the Beast. Well, it seems they weren't the only ones who thought a new Beauty series was a good idea. It turns out ABC has a script, too, and now BOTH of them are getting pilots.

News that The CW was taking its script to the pilot stage came last week. That wasn't entirely unexpected, but now ABC is jumping into the mix with its own take on the tale in what could be a bid to become America's Fairy Tale Network.

Unlike the CW version, which will follow the original show's more modernized romance with a "procedural twist," ABC's Beauty pilot will be set in a "mythical, dangerous" fairy-tale world where "a beautiful and tough princess discovers an unlikely connection with a mysterious beast." Once Upon a Time gave ABC a major boost this season, revitalizing its waning Sunday-night lineup. It seems ABC is hoping yet another fairy-tale show will provide yet another ratings bump. Beauty may even end up being Once's Sunday night follow-up.

The CW's take on the tale is co-executive-produced by Ron Koslow, creator of the '80s series, and co-written by Jennifer Levin (Felicity) and Sherri Cooper (Brothers and Sisters). For its version, ABC has tapped Jericho co-creator Jonathan E. Steinberg to write the pilot. There's no word on casting for either show yet.

These shows could both end up dead before they make it to air, but how many of these dueling series are we going to end up with? First CBS and the BBC start tussling over Sherlock Holmes shows, and now The CW and ABC are set up for a Beauty and the Beast showdown.

Odds are fans of the classic Ron Perlman/Linda Hamilton pairing will hate both of these programs, but if you had to choose, which one sounds more interesting?

(via THR)

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