Wait, did Edgar Wright just tell us Ant-Man is in Iron Man 3?

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Apr 9, 2013, 4:28 PM EDT (Updated)

Director Edgar Wright has been talking up an Ant-Man film since back when Marvel’s Phase 1 was still coming together, but now it sounds like fans could be in for a not-so-tiny surprise when Iron Man 3 opens up this summer.

The Ant-Man film is apparently a part of Marvel’s Phase 3, though the company has become famous for dropping post-credit teaser scenes at the end of all their films to set up future installments in the universe. 

In an interesting twist, they’ve also tried to make it a point to let the upcoming film’s director step in and direct that final scene, since it will technically fit into the continuity of the future project.

Well, we don’t know what it is, buy Wright has apparently directed a scene in a movie coming out this summer. Hmm, could it be an Ant-Man intro to close out Iron Man's latest adventure?

Sadly, we don’t know, but most of the guesses (not surprisingly) revolved around Wright’s upcoming contribution to the Marvel universe. Could it be? Is Marvel planting some Phase 3 seeds in the first installment of Phase 2?

What scene do you think will be tacked on to the end of Iron Man 3?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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