Did Ender's Game reuse footage from another sci-fi disaster pic?

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Aug 8, 2013, 9:51 AM EDT

The controversies just keep coming when it comes to Ender’s Game. The latest? A keen-eyed viewer thinks the film has recycled footage from another sci-fi disaster flick.

A Reddit user has spotted some similarities between a brief clip of Earth destruction in the latest Ender’s Game trailer and Nic Cage’s 2009 disaster flick Knowing. The clip revolves around a quick chop of carnage in downtown, and the new footage bears a striking resemblance to the Knowing clip.

The smoking gun, if there is one? Both films come from Summit Entertainment, meaning they’d have easy access to file footage if they chose to recycle it. Sure, footage recycling isn't entirely unheard of, but it is a bit strange for such a big-budget (should-be) blockbuster.

For comparison, here’s the shot from Ender’s Game:


Now, here’s a still shot grabbed from Knowing:


To see the questionable bit in action, watch the 15-second mark in the Ender’s Game trailer right here:

 Then, compare it to the 25-second mark in this Knowing clip:

So, what do you think? Is this the same footage, or just a very similar coincidence?

(Via Cinema Blend)