Wait, did Marvel Comics just spoil the end of Secret Empire?

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Mar 25, 2021, 11:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Marvel Comics’ Secret Empire event wraps up on Wednesday, but the publisher may have accidentally given up a big twist in a new preview published by The New York Times.

Potentially huge spoilers ahead for the end of Marvel’s Secret Empire event!

The preview takes a wide view of Marvel’s latest event series, which finds Steve Rogers’ history altered by a cosmic cube to turn him into a lifelong Hydra agent. He’s pretty much taken over the world, but the series has been dropping hints as to how the old Captain America might return to the world of the living, via a version of classic Steve trapped in some mysterious place. We learned last week in Secret Empire No. 9 that the “old” Steve is apparently the unaltered version of Cap from before all those cosmic shenanigans, who has been hanging out with Kobik, a cosmic cube fragment that has taken on the form of a young girl (yeah, it's a bit confusing).

Well, in the preview panels debuted by The New York Times, we get to see this classic version of Cap materialize in front of Hydra Cap — and he uses Thor’s hammer Mjölnir to bash his evil doppelgänger right in the face, seemingly putting an end to Hydra’s rule. The preview goes on to tease that the event will end with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes once again reunited and standing tall. Which, yeah, isn’t much of a surprise. But still, the confirmation comes a few days early.

Lingering question: Will Hydra Cap continue to exist, and simply be locked up (setting the stage for a potential return at some point)? Or will he somehow be reabsorbed back into old-school Cap? With original Cap’s return, will we see the timeline and reality also set right?

Secret Empire No. 10 hits shelves this Wednesday.

Check out the panel below and let us know what you think.


(Via The New York Times)