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Wait, the X-Men's Iceman was a member of the Fantastic Four in some untold story?

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Nov 16, 2018, 11:55 AM EST (Updated)

The Fantastic Four had a lucrative and popular return to comic book stands earlier this year, making it known that the golden oldies can still get plenty of modern fans to pick up Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli's version of the team. And that team might have a misnomer now, considering just how many “family” members have been dubbed honorarily fantastic.

Reed Richards, Susan and Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm have added plenty of members to and from their cosmically affected team, but the latest run retroactively adds a new member to the team’s historical roster — a very familiar X-men character.

The ending of the run’s second issue featured Richards putting out the call to every super that was ever fantastic as a unit, leading to favorites like Ant-Man and Spider-Man showing up to face the Griever at the End of All Things. But so did Iceman, Bobby Drake. What? The founding X-Men member showed up like it was no big thing — and finally explained himself in Fantastic Four #3.

Take a look:

Fantastic Four Iceman

Source: Marvel

Yep, apparently Drake helped smack around Namor back in the day, but it’s a story that — for some reason — the Human Torch doesn’t think merits official FF status. Why? Well, according to editor Tom Brevoort, it’s “an untold tale for another day. Honest.” Sounds like fans will eventually find out why facing the Four’s classic nemesis just doesn’t count for some reason. There’s also a joke at the end of the issue about Iceman’s inclusion not being canon:

Fantastic Four Iceman canon

Source: Marvel

That’s almost as good as seeing Iceman and the Human Torch flying next to each other as opposite versions of the same elemental hero. Who knows when we’ll get an explanation for the team-up, but that’s just one more exciting story fans can speculate over in the interim.

Fantastic Four #3 is available in stores now.