Wait! Bay says leaked Transformers script may be legit after all?

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

The saga of that "leaked" Transformers 4 script continues—and now Michael Bay says he thinks the story might actually be legit. It's just not his movie.

Word broke yesterday that an alleged script for Transformers 4 had leaked, including all kinds of classic robots and characters that had yet to pop up on the big screen. The storyline was rumored to feature Dinobots, Primus, Vector Prime and Circuit Breaker—which seemed almost too bloated for even Bay to attempt.

The director was quick to shoot down the report, calling it "completely false," noting his script isn't even finished yet. But then he had an idea and fired back that it might actually be a legit script for a tie-in project from Hasbro.

Here's what Bay had to say:

"I bet it is something from Hasbro. This time they are not doing a comic book of the movie because we want to keep our story under wraps. It must be their version of a comic themed Transformers story they are creating."
Putting the pieces together, this makes a lot more sense than this being a Transformers 4 script. Considering all the awesome characters and story lines crammed into this alleged script, it would likely work much better as an animated tie-in or comic arc.

So, mystery solved. Probably.

(Via Michael Bay)

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