Wait ... you mean there's even a Blade Runner porn parody now?

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Dec 15, 2012

Star Wars and Star Trek porn parodies, those we can understand. Superman and Batman, sure. But a XXX Blade Runner? Was the world really asking for this?

Apparently so, because Bluebird Films has turned Ridley Scott's masterpiece into porm—which we're only willing to show you via the SFW trailer below.

While we were all debating whether Blade Runner should be remade or left untouched, guess the world of XXX jumped the gun and answered the question for us!

We have no idea how closely this film attempts to follow the plot of the original ... that'll be for someone else to let us know. Because we don't watch these kinds of fillms. Honest, no, we mean it. Really. (Why are you laughing?)

(via reddit)

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