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WIRE Buzz: Ryan Reynolds' kid co-star recites swear-filled Deadpool 2; Avengers Campus in 2021; Torchwood reunion

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Jan 4, 2021, 10:55 PM EST

Deadpool fans come in all shapes, sizes, and apparently ages as well. Ryan Reynolds, who has played the Merc with a Mouth in Deadpool and Deadpool 2, recently found that out firsthand on the set of his latest film, The Adam Project.

During production, young actor Walker Scobell, who plays the child-version of Reynolds in the film, recited at least one scene from Deadpool 2 verbatim, swears and all. Reynolds posted on his YouTube channel a video of Scobell reciting an expletive-rich monologue from Deadpool 2, as the older actor reacts with eyebrows raised.

Want to see the performance yourself? You can check it out here:

In addition to Reynolds and Scobell, The Adam Project stars Zoe Saldana, Catherine Keener, Jennifer Garner, and Mark Ruffalo. The story involves Reynolds traveling back in time to get help from his younger self (Scobell) in order to save their father (Mark Ruffalo) from death.

The movie is currently in production; no news on when it will make its way onto Netflix.

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Even though the global pandemic is still going strong in the U.S., Disney has confirmed that its new Avengers Campus attraction will open in Anaheim, California this year.

According to The OC Register, members of D23, the official fan club for Disney, were notified that the company is planning for a 2021 opening of the themed land at Disney California Adventure, which was initially supposed to open in July 2020.

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The Avengers Campus has been much-awaited by MCU and Disney park fans alike. Once it opens, guests will be able to sling webs with Spider-Man on an immersive ride, eat Ant-Man-inspired food, and get photos with Iron-Man, Doctor Strange, and others.

When exactly the attraction will open in 2021 remains to be seen, however, as both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are currently closed because of COVID concerns.

Everyone's favorite time-traveler is returning to Torchwood.

David Tennant, who played the Tenth Doctor in the BBC's Doctor Who, is reuniting with John Barrowman for Torchwood: Absent Friends, an upcoming audiobook that will reunite them for the 15th anniversary of the popular spinoff.

Barrowman, of course, played Doctor Who's companion, Captain Jack Harkness, in the 2005 revival of the sci-fi series and went on to headline all four Torchwood series until that show went on indefinite hiatus in 2012.

Torchwood follows a secret group of alien hunters from the fictional Torchwood Institute in Cardiff, Wales, who combat extra-terrestrial conspiracies that threaten Earth. The new audio drama will see Barrowman reprising his role as the immortal con man and team up once again with Tennant's good Doctor for an adventure set in an abandoned Cardiff recording studio that's haunted by the voices of the dead.

And in order to save Torchwood, per Absent Friends' synopsis, the Doctor has put himself in charge, which means conflict with his old companion.

"Fans have been asking for this for a long time. Now that it’s okay and it’s been cleared, it’s great to have him on board," Barrowman said regarding his old costar coming aboard. "There’s an interesting dynamic going on here because Jack still wants to follow him but yet wants to impress on him that he’s still the leader."

Added Tennant: "What’s interesting about this story – from the Doctor’s point of view – is he sort of messes up. It’s a story about the Doctor being a bit imperfect which is nice to see now and again actually."