The walkers are getting closer in four new clips from Walking Dead season five

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

While we patiently wait for October to roll around, AMC has started trickling out some tantalizing new footage from season five of The Walking Dead. Want to see?

Over the past week, the network has dropped three 10-12-second clips hinting at everything from the meaty problems the gang will have in Terminus to what will happen once they eventually escape the compound. The clips are creepy, tense and everything we love about The Walking Dead. Also, what the heck is in that house with Tyreese?

What we still don’t know is exactly how they make it out of Terminus, which is one question that still has us champing at the bit for answers. The first full-length trailer for season five showed off a ton of footage, many of which seemed to represent the post-Terminus era. Considering they had no qualms about showing that footage, it likely means they have much (much) bigger twists in the works.

Along with the tantalizing teases, the network has also dropped a nifty behind-the-scenes clip that digs into some of the locations we'll see in season five. You know, new places like a mysterious "urban area" that could play into the quest to get to D.C. Or perhaps the Alexandria Safe Zone. Or ... perhaps something else entirely.

So while we wait until zombie season to arrive, check out the clips below and give us your best theories on season five:

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Oct. 12.

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