Walking Dead boss: Why the Governor's not leaving 'anytime soon'

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Dec 17, 2012

We're all pumped for the arrival of the sinister Governor in season three of The Walking Dead this fall. Showrunner Glen Mazzara is excited too, so much so that he says we shouldn't expect this character to go anywhere for a while. SPOILERS AHEAD!

In a new interview discussing where the show's headed after its thrilling season-two conclusion, Mazzara and executive producer (and comic creator) Robert Kirkman discussed whether there's anything from the source material that they'd never re-create on television.

For Kirkman, it brought up one big regret from his comic book writing: the decision to cut off Rick Grimes' hand. Even if it is a rough thing for the comic to constantly deal with, Kirkman's not ruling out a one-handed Rick at some point in the series.

"Yeah, and as we get closer to the story line, I don't want to remind people that I set things in stone like that," Kirkman said. "Constantly, we're up against things in the comics where it would be awesome if Rick could... oh, Rick can't do that, he only has one hand. That is something that I regret, but I wouldn't put it past us. I'm not ruling anything out. Season 3 is going to be pretty nuts."

As for Mazzara, he's definitely not ruling out anything, and he's careful to note that even if something doesn't appear where fans think it should in the sequence of events, it still might pop up somewhere else. As for the Governor, comic book fans might think they know his fate, but Mazzara seems to hint that they don't.

"Just because we don't play particular scenes upfront as maybe they were played in the comic book that doesn't mean we may not play it down the road. Everything's in play. I won't say anything's off limits. I'm not interested in wrapping up The Governor, Michonne or the prison story line anytime soon. We are getting to the heart of the matter, I think the core of Robert's comic book. We really have a lot of great material to explore. I hope to explore all of that for a long time."

So, with this "core" of The Walking Dead approaching, how long can we expect Rick and company to stay put in that prison? Should we start taking bets?

(Via TV Guide)