Walking Dead creator Kirkman gives a tour of S3's creepy prison

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Dec 17, 2012

Besides the panning shot at the end of The Walking Dead season two and some brief peeks in promo shots and video snippets, we haven't seen a lot of the creepy new prison that will feature heavily in season three. Luckily, creator Robert Kirkman is here to give us a guided tour.

AMC released a new promo video that takes us deep into the prison set, with Kirkman walking us through the (fake) dingy sets and post-riot look that should make the site one of the creepiest yet when the new season premieres Oct. 14.

His usual quirky self, Kirkman was having the time of his life seeing the world he created jump from the page to real life:

"I'm standing in the middle of the prison for The Walking Dead and it's absolutely everything I would have hoped it would be, and it's blowing me away...

"Things that are in comics should never exist in real life. I feel really uncomfortable here, frankly."

As for what's coming when Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and company stumble into the prison? Kirkman said there will definitely be more zombies on hand, and viewers should be ready for some episodes that will become defining moments for the show:
"The things that start happening once Rick and his group get to this prison are what make the Walking Dead what is it. The most memorable, exciting, gut-wrenching, terrifying moments of the comic book series happen in this place."
Check out the video below and let us know if the prison looks to live up to your expectations:

(Via Cinema Blend)