Walking Dead creator says Negan's arrival on the show is like 'an atomic bomb'

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

When The Walking Dead returns for the second half of Season 6, the show will introduce the most iconic villain in the comics’ history. That villain? Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who is all set to show up in the season finale.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Robert Kirkman, writer and creator of the Walking Dead comics, teased the arrival of Negan, the F*bomb-dropping villain who likes to bash heads with his barb-wired baseball bat called Lucille. He's the leader of the Saviors and Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) greatest foe, and a MAJOR thorn in the side of our zombie apocalypse survivors.

As for the Saviors, you guys will recall that we met them in the epilogue to the midseason finale when Daryl (Norman Reedus), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) came across them on the road back to Alexandria. This is when Negan’s name was dropped for the first time, sending chills down the spines of many a fan, I'm sure.

Kirkman spoke about Negan’s introduction on the show, teasing the fact that his arrival will shake things up, and not for the best.

“As far as shake-ups go, we have lots of shake-ups from season to season,” says Kirkman. “It keeps things interesting — keeps the blood pumping, I like to say — but Negan is kind of an atomic bomb that’s going to be dropped on the show and the show will probably never be the same after that. So buckle up, I guess?”

He also discussed the Saviors, comparing them to other groups Rick and the gang have come across over the show’s six seasons.

“I think the Saviors are dangerously organized,” says Kirkman. “The Wolves were psychotic, the Hunters [the group from Terminus] had a lot of weaknesses. When it comes to the Saviors, and Negan in particular, the way I’ve always thought about this in the comics is this is a group that’s led by a guy who’s had his morality dial a few clicks away from Rick toward the darker aspects of his personality, but is still an intellectual and capable leader who’s kept his group alive against all odds just as long as Rick has. It’s really the best encountering the best. When these two forces come head to head, things are gonna get interesting. This is a much different group than they’ve ever encountered. The Saviors are a group they’re not really prepared for.”

Are you looking forward to the introduction of Negan on The Walking Dead? AMC's hit series will return on Feb. 14.


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