Walking Dead creator teases us about that S1 cliffhanger mystery

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Dec 15, 2012

Ever since the first season of The Walking Dead ended, we've been wondering—just what the heck did that doctor whisper into the ear of the show's hero, Rick Grimes, that was so important?

Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) was about to go on the run again with his gang of survivors once he learned that his new home at the Centers for Disease Control was about to go boom. But before they could leave, Dr. Jenner (portrayed by Noah Emmerich) dropped some very important info on our hero.

But what?

TV Guide went to Robert Kirkman, who wrote the comics that gave birth to the show, and presented him with the two most popular theories:

Did Jenner tell Grimes that his wife (who'd been sleeping with his best friend) was pregnant?

Or did he tell him that EVERY human, and not just those bitten by zombies, would be reanimated into a zombie upon death?

Kirkman teased by saying:

"It's possible that one is close. ... Your theories are may be touching upon the larger piece of what [Jenner] said. ... One of [the theories] said part of the main thing that he said."

Which means ... ?

Is there a baby on the way? Or is there a zombie in each of our futures?

What do you think?

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