Walking Dead dominates, 666 falls again + 34 other genre shows

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

In the lead-up to Halloween, horror shows continued to rule the cable airwaves. The Walking Dead and American Horror Story had dominating nights once again, and on broadcast the usual suspects (The Big Bang Theory and Once Upon a Time) put up more strong numbers.

Check out our chart and commentary for more on how your favorite shows are doing in Live + Same Day viewers and rating.

[Note: This chart, which normally would have run last week, was postponed due to the recent storm.]


Revolution (NBC) — OFF

Revolution took a week off to make way for a presidential debate. We'll see it again next week.

Alphas (Syfy) 1.17 million viewers/0.5

Alphas finished its second season with a nice gain in ratings, though it never got back to the strong start it had a few weeks back. We'll see if a third season is in the cards.

Shows on Hiatus

Being Human (Syfy) — Returns Jan. 14, 2013

Teen Wolf (MTV) — Returns 2013

Warehouse 13 (Syfy) — Returns April 2013


Arrow (CW)3.51 million viewers/1.1/3 share

Arrow took another drop in viewers and rating this week, but it remains one of the most popular shows on its network, right behind The Vampire Diaries. It's still performing well, but at this point this slide needs to stop.

American Horror Story: Asylum (FX)3.06 million viewers/1.7

After a terrifyingly good first week back, American Horror Story took a dip in viewers and ratings but again won the ratings crown on Wednesday night. More good news for this show's future.

Dragons: Riders of Berk (TOON)— OFF

Dragons took a week off. More new episodes coming soon.

The Neighbors (ABC)6.96 million viewers/2.0/6 share

The Neighbors continued to climb this week as it moved back toward the 7 million viewer mark. Despite that, though, it's still one of the lowest-rated shows on its night, so the future isn't exactly certain.

Supernatural (CW)1.86 million viewers/0.7/2 share

Supernatural hit a season low this week. But the season's young, and the numbers are still better than much of last year's episodes managed, so no worries.

Shows on Hiatus

Futurama (Comedy) — Returns 2013


The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 15.82 million viewers/5.0/15 share

The Big Bang Theory picked up a season-high in viewers and a big boost in ratings this week to once again take the top spot Thursday night.

Person of Interest (CBS) 14.03 million viewers/2.9/8 share

Person of Interest also got a boost this week, keeping up the Thursday night dominance for CBS.

Elementary (CBS) 10.31 million viewers/2.2/6 share

Elementary isn't pulling in the kind of numbers its CBS fellows are, but it is still going strong compared to competing shows.

Last Resort (ABC) 6.53 million viewers/1.3/4 share

Last Resort picked up last week, but this week it hit more bad news. Viewership and ratings both took a dive, making it one of the lowest-rated Big Three shows on a very big TV night.

The Vampire Diaries (CW) 2.87 million viewers/1.3/4 share

The Vampire Diaries took another drop in ratings and viewers this week, but it remains The CW's highest-rated show, so fans shouldn't worry much.

Beauty and the Beast (CW) 1.88 million viewers/0.6/2 sharee

After a big drop last week, Beauty and the Beast took another, smaller drop this week, putting in a bit more danger. It's not dead, though, and it's still doing better than The CW's last Thursday night failure, The Secret Circle, so keep watching.

Shows on Hiatus

Saving Hope (NBC) — Returns Unknown

Touch (Fox) — Returns Oct. 26, 2012

Wilfred (FX) — Returns Unknown


Haven (Syfy)1.40 million viewers/0.3

Haven dipped again this week. If it keeps falling we might start worrying, but for now it's still putting up (mostly) solid numbers.

Fringe (FOX) 2.55 million viewers/0.9/3 share

Fringe returned from a week off to a small drop in viewers and ratings score, but at this point there's nothing to worry about. We got a finale. All that's left is to watch ...

Grimm (NBC)6.11 million viewers/2.0/6 share

Grimm got a big boost this week and topped all Friday night broadcast shows in the all-important demo rating score. More good news for a show already having a very strong sophomore season.

Tron: Uprising (DISNEY XD) .22 million viewers/0.1

Tron: Uprising broke even in viewers and ratings this week. We'll see if it can get a boost over the next few weeks.

Shows On Hiatus

Lost Girl (Syfy) — Returns January 2013

Merlin (Syfy) — Returns Unknown

Spartacus (Starz) — Returns Unknown


Bedlam (BBC)0.04 million viewers/0.0

Bedlam took yet another drop in viewers this week, and it's still flatlining in ratings score. It's really looking like BBC America will have to re-think airing this one.

Clone Wars (TOON)1.41 million viewers/0.4

Clone Wars dipped a bit this week but continues to perform well for a Saturday morning show, especially when you consider that its Friday night ratings last year were often lower than where it sits right now.

Shows On Hiatus

Doctor Who (BBC) — Returns December 2012


Once Upon a Time (ABC)9.85 million viewers/3.4/8 share

Once Upon a Time broke even in viewers and picked up a tenth of a ratings point to once again claim the title of highest-rated non-sports broadcast show.

666 Park Avenue (ABC)4.61 million viewers/1.6/4 share

666 Park Avenue came back after a little boost last week to another drop in viewers and ratings. It finished the night as the lowest-rated scripted show on broadcast TV. This show is definitely in jeopardy.

The Walking Dead (AMC)10.5 million viewers/5.4

The Walking Dead dominated again, finishing atop the cable ratings on Sunday nights for the third straight week, and beating all the scripted broadcast shows too.

Shows On Hiatus

Falling Skies (TNT) — Returns 2013

Game of Thrones (HBO) — Returns March 31, 2013

True Blood (HBO) — Returns 2013