Walking Dead midseason finale will be extended episode running 88 minutes

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:21 AM EDT (Updated)

The Walking Dead's midseason finale this year will have its life extended like that of a walker in need of a good bullet in its rotting brain, but in a good way, reports Digital Spy.

Set to premiere on December 10, the eighth episode will run 88 minutes long as opposed to the average 60 minutes.


It is estimated that the episode will total out to 65 minutes of material after factoring in commercials. This isn't the first time the show has released extended episodes. For instance, the Season 6 finale, "Last Day on Earth", was 65 minutes long given the introduction of Negan's character and his barbed wire bat to the side of some fan favorite heads. This has several sources postulating that a longer run time strongly indicates the death of a major character or some kind of shocking cliffhanger.

So far, Season 8 has been an adaptation of the All Out War arc in Robert Kirkman and Charlie Allard’s Walking Dead comic. This particular 12-issue storyline deals with the revolution against Negan and the Saviors by the people of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, the Hilltop Colony, and the Kingdom. Perhaps the midseason finale will end on a major development in the fight against Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character?

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