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Gaming: Walking Dead's Negan joins Tekken 7, Mission: Impossible inspires VR game, and more

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Dec 4, 2018, 12:40 PM EST

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe — have we got an exciting roundup of video game news for you! We've got one epic crossover in a popular fighting game, a VR experience inspired by a globe-trotting action-spy film series, and other goodies, so stick around, won't you? 

If you need your money exchanged for tokens, we have people circling the perimeter.


The Walking Dead's Negan is now batting for the Tekken franchise, as part of Tekken 7's Season 2 DLC.

His introduction was revealed in a new gameplay trailer that recreates the suspenseful and tragic scene from the Season 6 finale/Season 7 premiere, where Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) plays "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" in an effort to decide whom he'll kill with Lucille, his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. In the show, he picks Glenn (Steven Yeun), but in the gameplay trailer, he has his choice of Tekken characters. 

Watch the new trailer below:


OK, not a zombie fan? Are you keen on the Mission: Impossible series? Of course you are!

After six movies (the last one being this past summer's Fallout), two experiential gaming companies, Nomadic and VRWERX, are teaming up to bring the world a VR experience based on the popular spy-fi franchise, writes Deadline

It's opening next spring in Orlando, Florida, and participants will be tasked with accepting a mission that allows them to interact with an actual physical environment —running, jumping, and other physical activities will get an added boost from the world of VR.

“This tactile experience empowers the consumer to feel like an agent,” Russell Naftal, a co-managing partner of VRWERX, told Deadline. “They’re in this environment, physically touching items. They believe they’re moving through this destination. That’s what’s exciting to us.”

The VR experience is being produced in conjunction with Paramount Pictures, which owns the Mission: Impossible IP.

"Our goal is to launch location-based entertainment (venues) that are distributed and close to people," added Doug Griffin, CEO and founder of Nomadic, "so they can go and experience these fantastic types of things first-hand.”


Third of the docket is the news that Fortnite developer Epic Games is taking advantage of its wild success by opening up their very own digital gaming store, thus giving Steam a run for its money. 

The developer announced this via a blog post on its website, writing that "the store will launch with a hand-curated set of games on PC and Mac, then it will open up more broadly to other games and to Android and other open platforms throughout 2019."

Epic Games digital store revenue split

Credit: Epic Games

Under the rules of the Epic Games digital store, Epic gets a 12% cut of the profits, while developers get 88%. Compared that to Steam's 30% take via Valve, and there's no contest on who leaves creators with more money in their pockets. For those using the developer's Unreal Engine to make their own games, Epic is willing to cover 5% of the royalty fee out of its own 12%. 

More information on the store is set to be announced on Dec. 6.