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The Walking Dead's cast and showrunner tease the future of the franchise at NYCC 2020

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Oct 10, 2020, 8:29 PM EDT (Updated)

The Walking Dead finally wrapped up its 10th season (kind of) thanks to the recently aired and very delayed episode "A Certain Doom." Beta bought the farm, the Talking Heads burned down the house, and Eugene, Yumiko, Princess, and Ezekiel met the Commonwealth ... or at least some stormtroopers that certainly look like the comic version of their army. Now it's time for TWD fans to look toward the end.

While the cast and showrunner Angela Kang have already touched on what it was like to shoot the finale and its implications for the future of the show, which is set to end after its 11th season in 2021, Kang sat down with franchise Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple and stars Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Paolo Lazaro, and Khary Payton to talk about the future of the series.

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Payton and Lazaro touched on the armored Commonwealth cliffhanger that TWD left fans with, but didn't give much away for what they may entail for the future -- as Kang has continued to remain coy about the army ... though comic readers know they signal the beginning of the end. Though some changes were touched on, like the buddying up of Daryl and Negan that took out Beta.

"I'm excited for Daryl and Negan to work together more," Reedus said of the future combat partnerships between the two, "He's finding family with our group now."

Fans knew that the 10th season of TWD was getting six more, standalone-esque episodes coming early next year -- shot under COVID-19 safety measures -- and that after the main series ended, a spin-off show starring Daryl (Reedus) and Carol (McBride) was on the way from Kang and Gimple.

"I think it's great that people are getting excited and have something to look forward to," McBride said of the spin-off. "It's like coming out of prison," Reedus said of the pair going out into the greater world on their own. "You have to re-adapt to people. Who's this mess and who's this crazy woman? 'Hi, I'm Daryl and I'm Carol!' They're gonna be like 'What is this?' I'm curious to see how they get along with the outside world."

The Walking Dead returns in 2021.

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