Walking Dead producer promises everything will 'collide' in the S4 finale at Terminus

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

The penultimate episode of The Walking Dead’s season-four finale brought one of the biggest reunions yet. But what’s coming next?

Potential spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead season four and the comic!

Executive producer Greg Nicotero chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about the latest episode and dropped some tantalizing hints about what’s to come next week when everything will finally “collide.” The latest episode was arguably one of the sweetest installments in the show’s run ... which makes us think all hell is about to break loose.

The gang has spent every episode since the prison fell wandering around trying to find each other, and two of the bigger groups finally tracked one another down and made it to the mythical Terminus camp by episode’s end. The mysterious safe haven looks too good to be true, and we’d have to guess that it probably is.

“[W]e’ll quite quickly meet others. In this particular situation, it's easy for them to get in. It's not like they had to go through checkpoints or anything. As they're walking in to Terminus, the gate is open and there's a note that says to close it behind you. We see flowers and we hear a bit of noise from some people milling about. Mary just happens to be the first one; she's the welcoming committee…

We're going into it with hope. We've been hearing since episode four about Terminus and those that arrive, survive. They all have that glimmer of hope. The fact that Glenn says ‘Maggie would go there I know it,’ and vice versa, they all find those landmarks and realize that in a world without cell phones, computers and cars, they have to have faith that they will find each other. Tyreese really lost his faith after Karen died and reuniting with Carol and the girls, it's amazing and gut wrenching to see what all these people have been out through. As far as Tyreese knows, Sasha is dead and vice versa. Maggie doesn't know Beth is gone. It's all these little microcosm of stories that will all collide.”

Nicotero also got very cagey when asked about Beth’s disappearance and whether she’d return in the finale (alive or dead), responding with a flat “I can’t tell you that.”

Well, that definitely has our curiosity piqued. The Terminus mystery has left fans at every level waiting for answers, since there’s no clear parallel from the comics to gauge exactly what they’re doing. Of course, at this point in the comic run the gang was preparing to battle a group of cannibals ... and that grill in Terminus was pretty big. Just sayin’.

What do you expect from the season finale next Sunday on AMC? What is Terminus?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)