Walking Dead producer reveals epic idea for possible movie prequel

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Dec 17, 2012

Despite the fact that they've continued to beef up the episode order with each season of The Walking Dead, we just can't get enough zombie carnage. Luckily, producer Glenn Mazzara has an idea or two up his sleeve for what could be a pretty epic prequel movie.

In an interview with TV Line, Mazzara talks about how exciting the prison storyline is in season three, likening it to the sequel to a pretty awesome zombie movie that might've taken place when the outbreak first occurred.

Then he has an idea—it'd probably be pretty fun to actually make that movie, showing what happened before Rick and company arrived at the prison.

Speaking off the cuff, he explains:

"The way I look at this prison is when the outbreak happened, there was a zombie movie that took place in a prison. One day maybe we'll go back and film that movie. And now our guys come in, and they're sort of the sequel to what happened. So there are survivors in that prison, damage in the prison. So walkers keep coming in; it's never safe. They fooled themselves into thinking the farm was safe. From the jump they know this prison is not safe."
You can check out Mazzara's interview for yourself in the clip below. The relevant part kicks in at about the 2:24 mark, though the whole clip is well worth a look:

It's intriguing to see all the different layers that make up the world of The Walking Dead, and if the team behind the series ever wants to start mining it for some prequel tales, there are a ton of stories to tell.

What prequel would you like to see?

(Via TV Line)