Walking Dead producer reveals what they do (and don't) know about that spin-off

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Oct 4, 2013, 10:44 AM EDT

We’ve heard AMC is developing a spinoff from the hit series Walking Dead, but that’s about all we know. So, how much of the project has actually been figured out?

Apparently, not that much — at least according to producer Gale Anne Hurd. She chatted with MTV about the new project, and revealed they really don’t have a setting worked out yet. Seriously.

They knew word would leak as soon as they started considering a spinoff (which is probably right), so they went ahead and made it official once the conversations got semi-serious. Obviously, it’s a little troubling to think the project was approved without an actual storyline, but we’re going to hold out hope they’ll land on something good.

Here’s an excerpt from Hurd’s comments:

“It's very early in the process. But we realized it was likely to leak the minute we started initial discussions... And that's why the announcement was made... [The concept is] still being batted around.”

Not to be deterred, the interviewer brought up the buzzy webisode standalones as potential inspiration — asking if the spinoff might be an anthology series looking at different areas and aspects of the zombie apocalypse. According to Hurd, they have figured out they don’t want to do that, because the shorts have it covered:

“I do think the webisodes serve that purpose. Every year, they explicate a bit of backstory that fits in a character or theme you've seen in the series. That's what I think is so fantastic about them. They're expanding the world and the mythology of The Walking Dead.”

With the series not set to arrive until 2015, Hurd and the gang still have a little time left to figure it out. We've already told you what we'd like to see in the spinoff, but what are you hoping for?

(Via MTV)