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The Walking Dead reveals final season premiere date with ominous teaser

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Apr 4, 2021, 10:08 PM EDT

AMC used Sunday’s Negan-centric Season 10 finale episode of The Walking Dead as the place to reveal a big piece of news for fans determined to walk alongside the survivors to the very end. In a moody teaser for the series’ upcoming 11th and final season, the network unveiled that TWD will return for its last batch of episodes beginning in August.

Filming on Season 11 began in February, though the new teaser foregoes previewing any upcoming footage in favor of instead setting an ominous vibe; one that hints that life in a rebuilt Alexandria may come at a price. “If you’re not a threat,” the clip teases in decidedly worrying tones, “then you have nothing to worry about.”

Check it out:

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If the voice behind that pseudo-assurance doesn’t yet sound familiar, AMC also left fans a parting Season 10 gift on Twitter by sharing a first, ever-so-slight peek at the armor that Mercer — the comics crossover character played by Michael James Shaw — will be sporting when the series returns:

With an Aug. 22 premiere, fans won’t have long to wait before TWD picks up where the current Season 10 leaves off. The show concluded its penultimate season Sunday with ”Here’s Negan,” an episode that, in delving into the past of the troubled antagonist played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, also revealed his long-concealed last name — though we won’t spoil that here.

Set to wrap up a survivors’ story more than a decade in the making, The Walking Dead debuts its 11th and final season at AMC beginning Aug. 22.