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WIRE Buzz: The Walking Dead spinoffs tease fates of Rick and Morgan; Shadowed short goes BTS

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Apr 6, 2020, 7:55 PM EDT

The expanding Walking Dead universe looks poised to make good on AMC’s early promise of tying together the dangling threads that keep fans of each series grabbing for answers. In a brief but intriguing new teaser for The Walking Dead: World Beyond, none other than franchise mainstay Rick Grimes, who famously flew away from the apocalypse under mysterious circumstances and hasn’t been heard from since, gets drafted into the spinoff’s plot line.

Teasing “the truth” about Rick's disappearance, World Beyond’s brief new clip zeroes in on the helo pilot’s insignia — a clue that could lead the new series' young cast to unravel the mystery at the heart of Rick’s — and founding TWD cast member Andrew Lincoln’s — dramatic deus ex machina flyaway from The Walking Dead back in Season 9.

The short teaser doesn’t appear to overtly suggest that World Beyond is where Rick will make his long-awaited return, and we already know that AMC has a feature-length movie (or three) starring Lincoln in the works, delving into what happened after Rick got pulled into the chopper. But it definitely gives our new gang of heroes — all teenagers born as the first post-apocalyptic generation — something meaty to chew on, while they’re busy trying not to get chewed on by zombies.

Plus, it’s just nice to see some unexpected new signals from a series that was originally set to debut on April 12, until the coronavirus pandemic compelled AMC to bump the spinoff’s premiere date to sometime later this year. Will the kids be up to the task of tracking down the secrets behind Rick’s rescuers/captors? Only time will tell — but now’s the perfect time to sharpen up those fan theories.

AMC must know our brains are hungry for more zombie goodness, because the network is also letting loose with a new teaser trailer for Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead — and it’s a dark, tense preview that’s got “survival horror” written all over it.

Morgan’s red-eyed visage is the last thing we see in a fast-paced run-through of scenes from the upcoming season, no doubt a nod to the suspense over his fate in the Season 5 cliffhanger finale, as the walkers closed in on Morgan (Lennie James), shot and bleeding, as he struggles to get one last message to his friends.

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The images come fast and furious, and perhaps suggest more about the new season’s overall tone than its finer plot points. Will Morgan even make it past the first episode, or will the Walking Dead franchise part ways with one of its longest-running remaining characters?

As we’ve seen with Grimes and (to fans’ delight) the return of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) as Season 11 of TWD gets set to resume, no one’s ever really gone in The Walking Dead unless, y’know, they’re well and truly dead. That means we’re holding out hope for Morgan until Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead, which AMC is still touting for a premiere sometime this summer.

One of the cool things about making movies is, well, the actual behind-the-scenes craft of making movies. Even cooler is when a big-budget DC director like Shazam!’s David F. Sandberg walks you through the steps for making a low-budget horror short … using mostly what was available inside his self-quarantined house while waiting out the coronavirus pandemic.

Starring Sandberg’s wife, actor Lotta Losten, Shadowed clocks in at only three minutes. But in this funny and fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how the housebound duo pulled it off, we get to see how sheltering in place doesn’t have to douse your creativity. Or, as Sandberg joked when Shadowed hit the internet last week, “[W]hat else are we going to do while stuck indoors?”

Warning: If you let yourself watch a minute of this doc, which Sandberg playfully titled "Good Enough" on his YouTube channel, you’ll likely end up watching all of it — it’s that engaging. Sandberg’s wealth of moviemaking knowledge comes to life when scaled down to just one man, one woman, and some nifty gear, and hits home for any budding horror auteurs determined to work with what they’ve got:

ponysmasher on YouTube

With a walkthrough this informative and entertaining, you can bet the finished product is just as riveting. See just how frightening those three short minutes can be by checking out Shadowed, Sandberg’s don’t-blink DIY horror short — and let’s hope he and Losten keep those stay-at-home creative juices flowing.