Walking Dead showrunner discloses biggest post-Darabont change

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

When the showrunner shakeup behind the scenes of AMC's The Walking Dead took place at the start of the second season, fans were left to wonder exactly how co-creator Frank Darabont's departure would affect the surprise hit. Now, with the third season at its halfway point, Darabont's replacement Glen Mazzara has opened up about what actually changed in the writers' room.

The awkward transition took place on-screen at the start of season two, and as most fans noticed, things were moving slowly. Very, very slowly. After taking over showrunner duties, Mazzara said that was the first thing he wanted to change.

He told The Hollywood Reporter:

"As soon as I became showrunner, I felt our horror element demanded this style of accelerated storytelling. If you have a good twist, move it up instead of saving it and building to it. Throw it at the audience when they—and the characters—least expect it.

Most shows experiencing this success wouldn't be trying as hard as we are—trying new things, adding major characters and new storylines and altering the kind of stories we tell. It makes people say, 'This isn't people killing zombies every week.'"

After seeing all the carnage and story crammed into the first half of season three (and the killer ratings and acclaim its garnered), it's pretty obvious that Mazzara is onto something.

What do you think? Did you like the series more during Darabont's run, or after his departure?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)