Walking Dead star teases movie could be on the way

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May 14, 2013, 10:02 AM EDT (Updated)

Zombies are all the rage these days, and AMC’s The Walking Dead is a well-established small-screen hit. So how long until Rick and company make the jump to the big screen?

Apparently it might not be too long, because co-star Chad Coleman (Tyrese) has hinted that a movie could be in the works behind the scenes. He was asked the question by MTV Geek, and hinted that the zombie survival series could be headed to theaters sooner than we think:

“I really think a Walking Dead movie is going to be in the works not too far down the road.”

It’s awesome to think what Robert Kirkman and his revolving cast of showrunners could do with a movie-sized budget, but it'd also be an extremely risky move. The TV-to-movie transition is tough enough as it is, especially for a series that is still ongoing. The X-Files had a hard enough time incorporating story elements across both media with its first film, and it’s asking a lot of the casual fan to check out a movie in the off season to get up to date on events they’ll need to know when they come back to the TV series.

Of course, you could always tell a story that runs parallel to the TV series (a la the hit Walking Dead multiplatform game). But that has its own share of challenges, because you’re not bringing the characters that fans know and love (and love to hate).

But Hollywood is getting more risk-averse by the day, and it’s hard to bet against a series that has become one of the biggest hits in cable history and arguably the most “water cooler-y” show since the early seasons of Lost.

Do you think a Walking Dead movie could actually work, or should they stick to the small screen?

(Via MTV Geek)

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