Walking Dead survivors looking rough in 1st set footage, interviews for S5

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Jul 1, 2014

While we patiently wait for The Walking Dead to return this October, the folks at AMC have been kind enough to drop some intriguing new footage from the set of season five — and our favorite group of survivors is looking a bit worse for wear.

The footage brings the gang back together and might feature some light spoilers by showing who all is hanging around in the shots from the season premiere (i.e., folks we didn’t see again by the end of season four). One thing that stands out? Everyone is looking fairly beat-up, especially Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln), who seems to be battling zombies with the power of his super-beard at this point.

We also get some nice cast and crew interviews wrapped into the 2+ minute clip, with Lincoln noting that the season focuses a lot on “where they belong in the group” and the “hierarchy” they’ve developed. As fans of the comic know, that might be leading us down the path of Rick becoming a de facto leader.

Check out the clip below (plus a nice walker-killing recap video they’ve released under that), and don’t forget to catch up on the entire series this weekend with AMC’s massive Walking Dead marathon.

(Via Screen Crush)

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