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The Walking Dead reveals villainous leader of Whisperers: See the first gruesome images

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Dec 20, 2018, 4:28 AM EST (Updated)

After the departure of Andrew Lincoln and the time jump that took The Walking Dead’s ninth season from a known quantity to a zombie-punctuating question mark, the show was in desperate need of a new big baddie to keep the pressure on and the tensions high. Six years have passed since Rick disappeared, but only a few months will have passed before AMC delivers a new villain — and now fans have a first look at her.

That’s right: The Whisperers' leader Alpha, played by Samantha Morton, is a gruesome figure leading a group that may not be all that they first seem. As The Walking Dead survivors have now aged, acquired new members, and grown comfortable, a new threat is exactly what they need to keep them on their toes.

AMC’s description of the season’s second half explains that the group will learn that their approach to survival will no longer keep them safe, the world is different than they thought, and some mighty mysterious happenings will begin to make the group question their own post-apocalyptic reality. And most of that is because of Alpha’s Whisperers.

Check them out:

The Walking Dead Alpha

Source: AMC

The Walking Dead Alpha hed

Source: AMC

Yikes. You can see her human face peeking through the undead skin she wears over it as she shushes the camera, and frankly it’s almost worse than the walkers chomping down on living people.

Fans will see more of her when The Walking Dead has its mid-season premiere on Feb. 10.

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