Walking Dead's Daryl breaks down his big reveal + talks possible Beth romance

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Mar 3, 2014

So what does one night drinking moonshine and burning things to the ground mean for Daryl and Beth?

The latest episode of The Walking Dead wasn't so much about surviving zombies as it was about seeing the growth of two characters who you might not have expected could bring out the best in each other -- Daryl and Beth.

It's an unexpected pairing having these two lost together, but, surprisingly, they seem to help each other turn an important page. Daryl helps make Beth's first drinking experience fun so she can recapture some sense of normalcy, and Beth helps Daryl burn his past and leave it behind. So what did the episode mean for those characters, and where might they be headed next? And is their romance in the future? Norman Reedus gives a teeny tiny taste of what's in store.

As for the importance of Beth getting Daryl to open up about his past as a drifter following his brother Merle, Reedus gives us a glimpse of Daryl's current state of mind, saying:

"He's definitely moving in the right direction now. He still thinks everyone else is dead and has little hope for the future, but Beth gave him a little light at the end of the tunnel and that means a lot to him."

The big question, though, seems to be whether there might be a romance budding between Beth and Daryl. Reedus is cagey but leaves the door open, saying:

"Everyone pairs Beth up with Carl in this weird way and she's much older than Carl. He's looking for comics and she's looking for food. They're definitely not the same age. I can't tell you if there's going to be a romantic thing; we're not allowed to talk about that stuff. But never say never! She's a cute girl in the zombie apocalypse and Daryl could do much worse."

Of course, there's still an awfully big, Carol-shaped hole in Daryl's heart. Could they reunite? All Reedus would say on the subject is "He would be very happy to see her again, that's for sure." Just imagine Daryl does get together with Beth, but just in time for Carol to turn up! Sounds like things could get emotionally complicated in a hurry.

As for how much longer the group will be separated, Reedus hints things could change soon.

"If you watch this episode and last week's closely, Daryl and Beth walk by that log and there's the bunnies and that's where Lizzie was killing a bunny. As we walk, there are little clues that they're not as far from everyone as they think they are. Carl leaves a candy wrapper; there are little things on the ground that show you that they're zigzagging without knowing they're zigzagging."

So, hopefully, we'll see a reunion sooner rather than later. Possibly at a little place called Terminus? Only time will tell.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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