The Walking Dead's Gale Anne Hurd on the politics of hunting aliens in Syfy's Hunters

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Apr 2, 2016, 9:32 AM EDT (Updated)

Syfy is getting into the alien-hunting genre with the upcoming thriller Hunters, and acclaimed producer Gale Anne Hurd has opened up about what makes the project so topical.

Hurd (The Walking Dead, Terminator) chatted with io9 about the series, and paralleled it to her previous project Alien Nation back in the late 1980s. Much as Alien Nation paired human and alien cops together, Hunters will find an alien joining up with the human team trying to keep tabs on the otherworldly threats (in this case, the agent Regan). Science fiction has always been an interesting lens to examine social issues, and considering the modern-day threats facing humanity, this could be a good one.

Check out an excerpt from her comments below and let us know what you think:

“It deals with a group of aliens who—well, we’re not sure what their intention is. We’re not sure why they’re doing what they’re doing. But it is part of the mystery of the first season. Very often, we see aliens that are either not scary or they have such dominant abilities that it’s impossible to imagine that we could resist them. We wanted to see what would happen if their capabilities weren’t so significant—and how they would achieve, or not achieve, their ends, given they didn’t arrive on a huge ship that can destroy major cities on Earth. We also did want to look at the issue of terrorism, which is obviously one that we’re facing, and isn’t going away.”

“The contemporary situation would be someone who is mixed-race. Who do you identify with? Often, you’re rejected by both sides. Because Regan is a hunter, because she’s an alien, she isn’t embraced very easily by the rest of the unit. She struggles to figure out if she’s doing the right thing, because she’s going against her kind. I think that’s the basis of great drama, that kind of internal conflict that a character has to deal with. It’s very much a part of Regan’s character.”

Hunters premieres April 11 on Syfy (Corporate owner of Blastr -Ed).


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