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Walking Dead's Kirkman explains that new S4 showrunner choice

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Mar 8, 2013, 5:28 PM EST

AMC’s hit zombie series The Walking Dead is gearing up for its third showrunner in four seasons, but creator Robert Kirkman thinks they’ve finally hit on someone with staying power.

Kirkman chatted with Zap2it about Scott Gimple’s appointment as new showrunner heading into season four, following the mostly forced departure of Glen Mazzara at the end of the current third season. Mazzara ran the show through the back half of the second year and the stellar third season, taking the reins after series co-creator Frank Darabont left the show due to creative differences.

Here’s Kirkman’s assessment of the hire:

"I think having Scott Gimple come up and become an executive producer and showrunner is gonna provide a very tremendous voice for the show. I think it's gonna give us a clear path moving forward. He's been an integral part of the writers room since the beginning of Season 2. I think we've got some really exciting times ahead of us under his leadership.

When that slot opened up, he was obviously the clear choice. You know he also wrote the episode where Sophia comes out of the barn ["Pretty Much Dead Already"]. A lot of the key moments that fans love that are constantly talked about are things he was a very big part of in the room and in some cases ended up writing directly into the episodes. He's been a really strong asset to us and was the clear choice."

Fellow executive producer David Alpert also had good things to say about Gimple, praising his planning and writing abilities:

"Scott has a really amazing vision for where the show goes. He has it sort of fully mapped out. He's collaborative, he's an amazing writer and amazing producer. We really couldn't be luckier to have him as our new showrunner."

Change is always scary, but judging by the limited background we’ve seen on Gimple, his appointment could be a good thing. He wrote the season-two episode where Sophia’s fate was revealed and last week’s episode “Clear,” which saw the return of a long-lost character. Both were fantastic and stand among the best episodes of the show so far.

So, fingers crossed. How do you think Gimple will do as the man in charge?

(Via Zap2it)