Walking Dead's Kirkman teases what's next after that killer confession

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Oct 28, 2013

The latest episode of The Walking Dead dropped a major (killer) confession, and now creator Robert Kirkman is here to explain what’s coming next.

Spoilers ahead for last night’s Walking Dead!

As the flu continues to ravage the camp, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) put his badge back on to do some police work — and came to the educated guess that Carol (Melissa McBride) was the person who murdered and torched the bodies of Karen and David after they came down with the mystery illness.

But with Carol’s confession to Rick, it opens up a whole new can or worms. Who will he tell? When? How will the rest of the camp take the news? Kirkman says the bombshell will cause some shockwaves over the next few weeks, not surprisingly, which will force Rick right back into a leadership position.

Here’s an excerpt from Kirkman’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

“There's definitely going to be huge repercussions coming from that. I don't think Rick anticipated this danger that was inside the prison to be revealed to be someone they were so close with. It was always, "Hey, we've brought in a lot of people; who knows who it could be." But this is someone who's been one of them for a very long time, so the outcome of this is going to be something that none of them have been expecting and none of them could have prepared for. This is going to go in a pretty interesting direction… 

Carol has a lot going on this season. This is a person who has taken her pain and everything she's lived through and turned it into this pragmatic life she's trying to live now. With training these kids, every moment of her life now is about protecting her loved ones and trying to make sure a Sophia never happens to her again in any aspect of her life. In her making this decision and deciding to go through with this horrific act -- and it's something she's thought long and hard about and has decided that it's something that definitely needs to be done -- being aware of the repercussions that can come from that is part of that. She's very prepared and capable of whatever can come from this, and she's ready for it. This is something that really illustrates the evolution of this character and how much of a different person she is now.”

It was definitely one heck of a twist, but considering Carol’s trajectory over the past few seasons, it wasn’t out of the blue. She really is looking out for the greater good, though she did it in the darkest way possible. What do you think is coming next?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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