Walking Dead's Kirkman teases what's next for Andrea + her knife

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Feb 25, 2013, 9:42 AM EST

For one of the slowest episodes of the season, Sunday night’s installment of The Walking Dead managed to get a lot done. But it was that absolutely insane closing shot that made it all worthwhile. Spoilers ahead!

We’d been wondering how Andrea (Laurie Holden) would factor in to the clash between the prison group and Woodbury, and that finally became clear this week. Andrea took a trip to the prison as an unauthorized ambassador, but quickly realized that both sides have come too far to just back down now.

The only way it's all going to end is with blood. The only questions now are whose and how much. It looks like Andrea’s story is moving to the forefront now to answer that question, most notably if she’ll actually knife the Governor in his sleep. 

So where is it all going?

Series creator Robert Kirkman offered some insight to The Hollywood Reporter:

“Andrea is very adept to killing zombies -- mowing down 100 of those things and have a comfortable sleep -- but she's not a person who has killed a human being yet. The idea of slitting someone's throat, or stabbing them to death in their sleep is not something a person can bring themselves to do, despite how good they think the decision is, or how much it's going to help people. It's that human struggle that makes The Walking Dead special; the fact that there is a clear distinction between killing a zombie and killing a human. It's something that would weigh on someone.

She is struggling to make a plan. Going to the prison -- she's trying to come up with a peaceful solution. She doesn't think that killing him is the answer. Or maybe she does, and just can't bring herself to do it. That's the kind of thing we're going to be exploring moving forward. I don't think she knows exactly what's going to come next. I know that she's hopeful that things can be resolved in a way that doesn't result in the people she loves and cares about being needlessly slaughtered. There's a lot of big unknowns, moving forward.”

Andrea is definitely trapped between two worlds, and it looks like her time playing both sides is about to run out. She's proving to be the key player in the middle of this confrontation, and you have to wonder just how badly this is all going to end for her.

What do you think is coming next?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)