Walking Dead's Michonne responds to those Rick romance rumors

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Oct 10, 2013

There have been some rumblings that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) might become more than friends on The Walking Dead — and now the actress has opened up about the love buzz.

Gurira said she has found herself positively “fascinated” by the ‘shipping fans seem to be cooking up, and talked to TV Line about how their relationship has changed since the end of last season and the respect her character has for Rick.

Here’s an excerpt, glean from it what you will:

“He demanded that she not keep functioning in a way that was completely non-communicative and obscure, and she adjusted to that. And I think she actually felt that was probably good for her. So I think that’s probably what fans are seeing. I don’t know whatever else they see. They’d have to tell you.”

“What you see in [Sunday's opener] is that their friendship has grown. Their connection has grown. She likes to give him treats and keep him healthy, which is also what his father wants. It’s a nice progression.”

Hmm, “connection” is an interesting word, and these two have always had a certain strange chemistry, ever since Michonne joined the gang. With Rick’s wife long gone, could love be in the air?

The new season premieres this Sunday on AMC. What do you think?

(Via TV Line)

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