Walking Dead's Michonne reveals how she got that good with a blade

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Dec 17, 2012

One of the most anticipated characters to appear on The Walking Dead is Michonne. Fans have been waiting for her small-screen debut, and next month they'll have it. Before we see her in action, AMC's released a behind-the-scenes look at her portrayer, Danai Gurira, prepping for the part.

In order to get in fighting form, Gurira went through serious training. Prior to shooting, she spent about a month learning how to wield a katana. "I love learning new physical stuff," she reveals. "It's such an amazing craft ... Watching films and working with my trainer has been really awesome. Michonne is somewhat, to some extent, self-taught. But she's figured out a way to make it economical, effective and efficient."

Gurira is aware of the expectations surrounding Michonne. She's excited and ready to prove herself. "She's an awesome character, and I'm thrilled to be stepping into her shoes. I hope I can do her justice. She's phenomenal. She's rare. You don't come across this very often."

The Walking Dead returns Oct. 14 on AMC.

(via ComicBookMovie)

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