Walking Dead's Morrissey reveals how Governor differs from comics

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Dec 17, 2012

Though the addition of the Governor is an intriguing proposition for fans of the Walking Dead TV series, comic fans have knows the wild man for quite a while now. But, regardless of what you think you know, small-screen Governor David Morrissey says you still have a lot to learn. Some spoilers ahead for season two, and light spoilers for season three.

Morrissey told Entertainment Weekly the writers are taking a unique approach with the character's introduction, and it seems viewers will meet the ruthless leader of Woodbury a bit earlier in his development than his comic book counterpart:

"We probably meet the Governor earlier in his journey. The things that make him the way he is happen to him on screen. We see them happening."
As comic readers know, the character has a streak of pure madness, and Morrissey seems to indicate we'll now learn exactly how he got that way.

Morrissey wasn't the only one teasing the upcoming third season, and series star Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) also opened up about how the emotional turmoil between himself and his TV wife (Sarah Wayne Callies) will be a major part of the early season. Callies' Lori was disgusted to learn that Rick killed Shane at the end of the second season, and it seems those feelings won't subside quickly:

"I'm not saying that it's irrevocable, their relationship, but it's pretty close to that. Every time they see one another, they're reminded of the shame. We made a choice as actors, certainly for the first few episodes, not to make eye contact. It was an interesting choice because every time that we looked at each other, it burned."
Oh, one more tidbit? Lincoln says the third season will pick up a few months after the season-two finale. So who knows what Robert Kirkman has in store for us when the show returns in October?

What do you think about what we've heard so far? Do you like where season three is heading?

(Via EW, EW)

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