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Walking Dead's Norman Reedus bitten by fan at horror convention

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Dec 7, 2015

We’ve known for a while that fan encounters can be strange and awkward. This weekend, Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl on The Walking Dead, was involved in an encounter that can best be described as strange, awkward ... and painful. 

Undead Walking reports that Reedus was bitten by a female fan at New York/New Jersey Walker Stalker Con. The woman had had her photo taken with both Reedus and Michael Rooker, Reedus' on-screen brother Merle; after that, she lashed out. She was removed by security and permanently banned from Walker Stalker Con. 

According to TV Guide, Reedus will not be pressing charges. 

This is an unfortunate incident, and not just because human bites are more dangerous than animal bites. It’s because this may keep Reedus and other professionals from interacting with the fans at conventions (especially for photo ops). And the chance of being able to personally meet our geek heroes is one of the more important reasons we attend.

Stars who spend time in the public eye are at risk for stalking. Actress Rebecca Schaeffer was killed by a fan. A fan of Jodie Foster’s shot then-president Ronald Reagan to get her attention. Many other celebrities have been threatened and have their homes broken into. Reedus escaped this unfortunate situation only slightly scathed.

At least Reedus has a sense of humor about it. This is what he posted to his Instagram page:


We hope this doesn't mean Reedus will start biting other cast members. 

(Via UndeadWalking)

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