Walking Dead's 'sexy and unbelievably evil' Governor reveals motives

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Dec 17, 2012

Readers of the Walking Dead comic know that season three of the TV series could be the best yet, with the addition of the fan-favorite character the Governor—who will be portrayed by David Morrissey on the small screen. So what does Morrissey have to say about what drives the most dangerous player of next season?

It seems Morrissey is having the time of his life playing the deliciously evil Governor. He said he turned to the comic tie-in novel Rise of the Governor for background and found one of the most exciting characters he's ever played. He told MTV:

"As any actor, you like to work on your back story, and I had a whole book of it. That was great. My inspiration and starting point for the Governor is all the scripts the guys have been writing for me. That's where it's born, really, for me. That's where I'm creating the character with the writers, [executive producer] Glen [Mazzara] and everybody else."

Glen Mazzara, executive producer for the series, took that thought even further, saying the Governor believes the world truly revolves around him:

"I think he believes that this apocalypse is all about him. This is his opportunity to become a great man in world history. He'll be the one to rebuild civilization. He'll be the one to lead people out of the darkness, and they conquered the zombies. Well, that's a tall order, for anyone. But that's what he wants. He feels that this is his opportunity. That makes him quite driven to achieve that goal. That's exciting to see what this man is willing to do to achieve that."

Morrissey's castmates seems to have taken quickly to his presence, and Laurie Holden (Andrea) said fans will love him once season three kicks off this fall:

"I can't give anything away, but I will say that he's charming, devious, sexy and unbelievably evil. I think people are going to be knocked out, because he's a wonderful actor, he's fantastic. I can't imagine anyone else playing the Governor."

Check out MTV's interview with the cast and crew below:

Are you excited to see the Governor join the The Walking Dead TV-verse?

(Via MTV)

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